About Alkabib

We are a serious company with values that is innovating the network marketing.

Our vision is to give our members the opportunity to help them in their health and to give them financial freedom.

Alkabib is committed to giving its affiliates the greatest benefit for their whole lives because we want Latino entrepreneurs to grow all over the world.


Reach all the countries of the world with all those who are willing to make history in this great project.

Offer a better quality of life to all people, both in health and monetarily.


Strategy planning

Our way of working is unique compared to thousands of companies around the world, because with 3 methods we make all our affiliates happy.


We always show that we are capable of going far when we propose it. At Alkabib we are committed to providing that confidence in our products and in the compensation plan.


Without health, we do not go anywhere, that’s why our commitment is to provide an opportunity for a more healthy life.


Our compensation plan allows our affiliates to start earning from the moment they enter and their earnings will last until the same affiliate decides.