Alkabib digital water ionizer (Blue)

No Cleaning or Maintenance required.
Indicates which setting or process is occurring in a pleasant voice.
7 pH Settings make it easy for you to select the pH level that you need for drinking, cleaning, or using as an astringent to beautify the skin.
Adjustable levels also allows your body to gradually adjust to the alkaline intake.

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Alkabib digital water ionizer (White)

We are taking the lead in the world’s water ionizer industry through stringent quality management and efforts to provide our customers with the best alkaline water ionizer.
We are committed to the advancement of and educating the world about water ionizer technology. Enjoy all the benefits of drinking alkaline ionized water for an ion-balanced body.

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Alkabib ionic laundry purifier

• Avoid using chemicals.
• Clean with cold water.
• Use little or no detergent.
• Save money with every wash.
• Eliminates bacteria and mold.
• Process approved by hospitals.
• No plumbers required. Takes minutes to install.

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