Jug Alkaline Water Ionizer with (Free 1 extra filter)

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Alkaline water is characterized by having beneficial properties in the treatment and prevention of many diseases, in addition to helping healthy people maintain their good health.
In the countries of the East, Alkaline water consumption is very common, since they have been able to verify over time the benefits of consuming this type of water. The following are some of the diseases where the use of Alkaline Water is recommended as an aid in the treatment of the symptoms of each disease.
1.- Diabetes.
2.- High blood pressure.
3.- High cholesterol levels.
4.- Kidney problems.
5.- The drop.
6.- Chronic fatigue.
7.- Acid reflux 8, atopic dermatitis.
8.- Osteoporosis.
9.- Stomach Inflation.
10.- Inflammation of the liver.
Drinking alkaline water in combination with an also alkaline diet, reportedly helps:
1.- Increase the energy level.
2.- Strengthen the immune system.
3.- Slow the aging process.
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The Alkaline Water Purifying Jug consists of a plastic jug made of POLYPROPYLENE which, unlike Plastic Polycarbonate, is a BPA (Bisphenol-A) Non-toxic material. This Jug serves as a container for the Purifying Filter, which is based on Activated Carbon, Resin and Mineral Spheres.
This combination helps to obtain Purified Alkaline Water, converting the drinking water from the pipe into a mineral-rich water with an average pH of 9, which in addition to being highly antioxidant is also up to 6 times more moisturizing than normal water.
The filter (cartridge) has a duration of 400 liters of filtered water before requiring replacement. Filtration in the Jar through the cartridge works on 3 essential points:
1.- Increasing the pH of the filtered water to an average of 8.5 and 9.5.
2.- Change the oxidation / reduction potential of water (ORP) between 100 mV and -250mv.
3.- Reducing the size of the groups of water molecules so that water is more easily absorbed in the body.
The jug allows a capacity of up to 3.5 liters of antioxidant alkaline water. The water filter increases the quality of drinking water that can be used for tea, coffee, juices, cooking, etc. You can even make your own bottled alkaline water and take it with you, to enjoy it in your daily tasks.


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